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It feels hard, we get it.

Challenge yourself. 

Change old habits.

Gain confidence.

Improving runners, Improving lives, runLOCAL.

group running

Myth! All runners need to be fast to do speed work.. We all have great intentions to get out and do interval sets and speed work - you've read all the information that every runner from beginner to elite should do speed work to improve. Doing these sessions in a group environment will get you out and keep you motivated and of course improve your running. Sessions are run at each individual runners pace so distance run depends totally on you.


run programs

Accountability is the number 1 ingredient for runners setting themselves up for a successful running goal. You're not alone, runners download generic programs and try and fit them in around their work, family and day-to-day life. It doesn't happen lets be honest. Our online programs are personalised to suit you and work with your lifestyle and time restraints.  

Here's what our runners say...

Suzanne Busch

I was once referred to as a


I chatted to Damon about my running goals and he gave me the confidence and support I needed to now make running part of my life and my families life. Having my run sessions structured to set me my pace and my family just makes things so much easier.

Dr. David Chiew

Damon just gets me and he understands what it takes to get me ready for challenges most people don't understand why I do them. He keeps it simple and knows things without me having to tell him, he takes an interest in me as a person and my family. My recent win at 2019 The Elephant Trail 100 miler was made possible with the help, guidance and support from Damon, I couldn't have been any better prepared.

Tee Jay

With a huge goal and a huge commitment like The New York Marathon, and very little time for myself I needed a coach that could help me get the most out of every sessions I did and be flexible with a program that could change day-to-day given my job and being a single mum. In the past few months I've run Personal Bests at the Sutherland 2 Surf and The Blackmores Half Marathon - New York is looking good thanks to Damon.

13 Oakwood Way, Menai, Sydney Australia 2234