Change your mindset from "HafToo" to “I Want To” or “I Will“

With this crazy world we live in, it’s easy to get into the habit of saying and feeling “I have to do this”.

“The kids have to be out the door by 8am”, “I have to do the shopping before picking up the kids” or “I have to run today”.

When starting out on your running journey it was always “I want to go for a run” or “I will go for a run” it was all about being happy and not feeling the inner pressure or pressures coming from others. Running can soon move from fun and recreation to stubborn dedication and chasing goals.

As such, in running and having the identity of a runner, we can find it easy for running to be a sport of haftoo, along with our core work, strength training, nutrition and recovery.

Mindset is everything—including how we approach each day and each training session.

The names we give ourselves (slow, boring, lonely—instead of perhaps active, brave and brilliant) can change the way we approach every single minute of our day. If we are capable of resetting our entire path with something as simple as gratitude and positive words, what can we do when we get rid of the haftoo?

There are times when we can’t or don't run so perhaps we volunteer – it feels great doesn’t it! We’ve seen amazing stories of wonderful athletes in their chosen sport have unfortunate accidents and can no longer compete in the sport they chose – they make the decision to pursue an alternate sport or adapt in a way they can still take part and succeed in their sport. Take the Para Olympics or the person in a wheelchair at your local parkrun or fun run as a prime example of.. They don’t Haftoo – they want to and they will!

Haftoo is a toxic word. We are all better off avoiding it. We can be content and have fun, and we can accomplish goals. “Content” is the birthplace of stress-free, relaxed and tolerating the hard stuff that comes our way—like marathons. We must learn to reshape our dialogues.

So, here are a few phrases you can use to change your Running “Haftoo” to something more enjoyable and will keep you running happily for a long time.

· Tomorrow I am able to run, so I will.

· I’m not a slow runner – I’m a runner.

· I can run, so yep I will!

· I can’t run, but I can walk—and that is amazing. Off I go.

· I just might inspire someone else.

Find your WANT to run and not the need to run.



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