Don't Like Running In The Rain - Here's How To Make it Suck LESS!

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” – John Ruskin

You wake up to the sounds of rain hitting the roof and really feel like rolling over. But, you've got big goals and you promised to meet your running buddy for your Sunday long run. It is only water after all...

The difference between a good run and a bad run in the rain is gear and being prepared. We've listed 7 tips that will help that run in the rain... suck less!

1. Avoid Wearing Cotton.

Not only will it be more prone to chafe because of the wet, cold fabric sticks to your skin and you’ll be more likely to become colder. It sounds funny, but technical wool is actually fantastic because it doesn’t feel cold and soggy when wet. Salomon do a fantastic technical t-shirt - Salomon Comet Classic Tee that will stay light and comfy in the rain - check them out at Wild Earth. Use the code FEELTHELOVE for a 10% discount on all gear.

expires 17/2/20.

2. Avoid the dreaded Chafing.

We've all made that mistake at least once. But if you haven't then you need to avoid it all costs, the shower after a run when you've chaffed is no fun! Before heading out we suggest applying Body Glide (an anti chafe balm) over vasoline - Vasoline has been known to leave stains on clothing. Apply the Body Glide to the typical 3 runners hotspots - around the ankles if wearing anklet socks, under the arms and under the bra strap (lads you can apply to the nipples - you know why..).


It's always harder to see in the rain and BE SEEN. Drivers are concentrating more on the roads and it tends to be a little darker than usual. Plus the last thing a driver expects is to see a crazy person - such as yourself out running. So avoid dark clothes and wear bright clothes or ones that have a reflective panel or panels.

If you're someone that runs to and from work or runs long and needs to carry gear with you - checkout this very cool running pack from our friends at Glimmer Gear. Grab a further 15% off and use the code RUNLOCAL2020SQUAD.

4. Wear a Hat.

Yeh Yeh we know hats are to keep the sun out of your eyes - but they're great to stop the rain hitting you in the face and getting in your eyes - especially if you're running into a wind on a rainy day.

A cheap light, water resistant running cap like this Kalenji Adjustable Rain Running Cap is perfect. Once (if) it stops raining simply crumple it up and put it in a pocket.

5. Don't over dress.

We know it's tempting to layer up in the wind and rain but you'll find the bodies very good at heating itself. In 10mins you'll be warm enough and won't need any sort of thick running jacket or jumper. Grab a light running jacket you can easily crumple up and store while you continue to run.

6. Water Proof Socks - (especially for you trail runners)

Yep that's right - keep your toes nice and dry even after light stepping through those creeks and rivers. We've used these in the Blue Mountains on a few wet and rainy training runs and they're awesome! They're also great to have if race day looks like being a wet one.

These Anti Bamboo Waterproof socks are a God Send!

  • Totally waterproof, breathable and windproof

  • Naturally antibacterial and sweat absorbing

  • Light weight with casual design in order to save more space for you pack.

7. The Mindset.

Let's be honest nothing will get you out the door better than YOUR mindset. Just accept the fact that you'll get wet - remember skin is waterproof and you'll feel amazing (after the warm shower) knowing that you got out the door for a run when some... may have rolled over in bed instead.




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