Post Race Blues - THEY'RE REAL!

I reached my goal - What's next?

The post-race blues are so common these days, given most of us are goal driven and make some pretty big sacrifices to hit that personal best time or complete that first run.

The morning and afternoon after the race, you spend time swapping stories about your run with friends and training partners. You post all over social media that you smashed your time or reached the finish and you couldn't be happier. Pictures of you and your medal are everywhere!

Fast forward four or five days and you haven't run since the weekend, people have stopped asking you how you went and you're feeling a little lost.

The fact is, post-race blues arecompletely normal, but what should you do?

Phone for support Give your training partner a call or someone that also ran the same race, there's a very good chance they're feeling exactly the same way. Organise to meet for a nice leisurely run and a coffee or brekkie afterwards.

Give your running coach or Personal Trainer a call, if you have one. Chat about how you feel and they give you coping strategies, discuss yournext goal or simply put you in the right frame of mind to get you to the next session.

Plan for the future

The most important thing to do is set yourself a new goal. It could be entering a race and upping the distance or competing in a race of the same distance, but run even quicker this time. Like I say, there's no better motivation than hitting THE ENTER BUTTON after you register for your next race event.

And remember the person you're meeting for coffee and brekkie, best you get them to enter too, you've got your next goal to start training for.

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