The 3 Habits of a Happy Runner

The Happy Runner is injury free, a happy runner has a goal and knows how they'll reach that goal, a happy gives their best effort - NOTE: This doesn't mean a PB every week at parkrun.

A happy runner is happy with their running and their goals and has the support from others.

A happy runner doesn't stress over fitting runs or sessions in around work or family, that's right, the happy runner is totally fine if they miss a session. Read that again.. it's just a session - simply move on and get out for your next run. That's what we tell our runners.

Habit 1:

Get Speedy! You don't need to head out and buy some spikes and starting blocks. Running the same pace day in day out isn't fun. Our runners do at least 1 track session per week and even at the end of some easy runs do 3-4 fast 100m or 120m sprints. It's fun to mix things up. Speed is for all runners, runners trying to hit parkrun PBs or even training for their first marathon. Speed is always relative, so no we don't expect our runners to be the next Usain Bolt - but, they do love seeing how fast they can run every now and then.

Habit 2:

Get a coach or have a plan. Better still, do both. After finishing Ultra Trail Australia last year Kylie said there was no way she could have gotten to the start line without the help of her coach and knowing what her week of running looked like each week - the Sunday evening beforehand, which helps when you have kids and work full-time. Kylie will be back again in 2020.

Habit 3:

Get your gear ready - the night before. It doesn't matter if it's an easy run or your last training run before your first marathon. Deep into the winter months it's easy to find an excuse to stay under the Doona. Getting your shoes, socks and running outfit out before every run + your hydration and water bottles ready in the fridge makes it so much easier to get out the door. So start that habit today/tonight!

Forming habits starts today - not Jan 1st.


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