Wind Down "without" Slowing Down.

Yep we've all been there, as the Christmas Party invites increase the running decreases. We're here to tell you there's nothing wrong with it and there's no need to feel guilty about it come Jan 1st. It's time you discovered what it takes to start 2020 feeling positive rather than feeling regret after accepting all those invites!

Train, Race, Reset, Repeat... if that's what your 2019 looked like, you deserve to kick your runners off! If it didn't, well those races you might have missed this year will soon roll around again in 2020.

The impact of not letting the hair down at the end of the year is burn out, injury, plateauing and the biggest one - Regret!

Yes runners, there's people out there that you may have never met, because, they aren't on Strava??!! Crazy!! So get out and enjoy yourself.

Look, unless you have a big goal race in Jan/Feb there's no real need to be hitting the speed work hard if at all now. Your focus late in the year and early in the New Year needs to be resting, recovering and sorting out all those niggles you didn't have time for during the year - make time now! Start 2020 Fresh and Strong!

It's the perfect time to pop into your Physio and discuss what you need to do to ensure you are injury free when Jan 1st ticks over. When's the last time you remember some part of your body NOT hurting?. Well now's the time to get it sorted!

The majority of the time it'll take one consultation especially with run specialist physio's like the teams at Aevum Physiotherapy, iMOVEPhysio or POGO Physio. Seeing them once at the end of the year could prevent you seeing them multiple times early the following year.

Here's a few quicks tips on how you can enjoy the festive season without letting your running fitness suffer.

My Number 1 Tip:

More time in the gym, less time pounding the pavement or trails. That's probably what you'll hear from the Physio - and... if the Physio is anything like the three I mentioned above - you will not hear, "Just take a break from running". Time in the gym doesn't mean spending hours at the gym or even having to go to a gym. It'll mean between 3-4 rehab/strength exercises 3-4 times per week.

My Number 2 Tip:

Don't count the Ks just the Days. Rather than focus on how many ks you're doing or for that matter, what others are doing... Simply give yourself the goal to run x number of times during the week. That way if Christmas Party number 5 rolls around and you're starting to feel like most runners do, (that your liver will never recover).... you won't suffer the guilty feeling of just heading out for 5k easy run, rather than a 5k track set you might have thought was a good idea the week before.

My Number 3 Tip:

Keep moving but in different directions! It could be kicking the footy in the park with the kids or perhaps jumping in the water for a swim or bush bashing on your mountain bike.

Your body has spent so many hours moving through that one plane (frontal) during the running season it's forgotten it was built to move in multiple directions. This can be a huge plus, especially for trail runners given the amount of lateral and multi directional movements required to negotiate the trails.

My Number 4 Tip:

Have some 2020 goals but don't obsess over them - it's still 2019. Goals are great but obsessing over them causes anxiety and will have you not only physically fatigued but mentally fatigued way before the big day. You've got time... for example; here's a suggested training cycle for someone looking to run the Sydney SMH Half Marathon in May.

Half/Marathon Recovery Plan – up to 4 weeks Base training plan – up to 8 weeks Hill Module training plan (optional) – up to 6 weeks Speed Module training plan (optional) – up to 6 weeks Half-marathon training plan (or other distance) – up to 16 weeks Total length = 24-36 weeks

Need help putting a training plan together? We provide a FREE Running Goals Training Plan Review EMAIL US ==>

Most importantly,

Relax, take a break and reacquaint yourself with family and friends (non-running included 😜). Not only is it great for the soul and great for the mind - You'll earn those brownie points you'll need when RACE ENTRY DUE pops upon your Phone in the new year.





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