A bit about runLOCAL

runLOCAL is all about YOU, the runner.

But let me tell you a bit about me, Damon, and on what runLOCAL means to me and what I want to provide to you the runner. Firstly, no matter what the watch says or what surface is under your feet, you're a runner.

I'm married to Lauren and a Dad to two boys Archie (7) and Spencer (5).

I count myself lucky that as a young kid I spent every Friday night at Little Athletics and quite a few weekends at athletics carnivals. My Mum ( who's now 75 and still running 3-4 days a week ) ferried 5 kids around to various sporting events and competitions. I fell in love with running at an early age after spending most weekends hanging around with My Mums running club Woodstock Runners ( Mum formed this group in the early 80s and it's still going strong today ). The friendly family atmosphere of the running community was something very special which meant I looked forward to every weekend when we'd travel together to various fun runs around Sydney and at times a BIG trip interstate (like Canberra).

When I got older a friend thought being a decent runner I might like to give triathlon a go. I spent 5 years racing Ironman and was lucky enough to represent Australia in Triathlon and Dualthon.

I found a love of coaching through triathlon and got my Triathlon Coaching certifications. Having the opportunity to help somebody else achieve a goal no matter how big or small was something I enjoyed more than achieving my own racing goals. I met my wife Lauren toward then end of my triathlon racing and started to spend more time running and less time in triathlon - it was definitely more time efficient when we started our little family.

I love running which stems from having a wonderful running family around me from a young age and it was something I thought, if everyone had this opportunity they too could fall in love with running and experience positive change in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. I worked with a Running Company for 2 years after completing my Athletics Australia coaching courses and developed sessions (which may had been designed for the elite runner) more for the the recreational runner to help them enjoy their running and improve at the same time.

I then moved onto to a new stage of my run mentoring and coaching after completing a higher coaching Accreditation and created the opportunity for not only recreational runners to RunHappy but for other coaches to learn from me and develop their skills to help runners.

As I said at the start, running is about YOU-the runner and it's my vision and passion being the founder of runLOCAL for you to improve not only your running but be part of our running community and that you'll feel welcomed, supported, motivated and safe.

From a beginner runner a first time parkrunner or a multiple marathoner or trail runner, we all wear running shoes and we all take that first step past the start line.

Let runLOCAL be that friendly neighbourhood that helps you enjoy the running journey to your NEW or NEXT running goal.

Improve runners, Improve lives, runLOCAL.


13 Oakwood Way, Menai, Sydney Australia 2234